Lose Weight in Easy Steps

Yes, it is that easy.

The Easy Steps.

  1. Eliminate Sugar and other Additives
  2. Eat Organic Meats, Cooked Vegetables and Supplements
  3. Drink Pure (Low TDS) Water
  4. One or more (1-4 hour) walks outside per week

This is the summary of my over two year journey from around 190 lbs to 137 lbs. * Not all weights shown on graph. From flab to abs. A journey that if I knew then, what I know now would have taken 5 months or less.

Einstein once said “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” and “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”

This is my attempt to make weight loss and better health simple, and save billions of lives and pounds in the process. GW.

Before I go any further let me say thank you to the many people and companies who helped me on this journey to discover what works, what does not work, what is essential and what is optional.

Additionally I would like to thank people close to me who served as guinea pigs and provided encouragement.

Duval Fitness has to be first on the list, some results are above. Thank you to Aunt Lorraine, Aunt Pat, Tricia, Trudy, Aunt Carol, Debbie, Aunt Debbie, Aunt Sonia, Richie, Howard, Dwayne, Uncle Fitzroy, Uncle Larry, Uncle Doug, and Sean.

Special THANKS to Three people. Dad, Janelle and Michelle.

However above all, thank you to my Father, God who makes all things possible.

Detailed Step by Step

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